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Syzygy Consulting, Inc. is an inforamtion technology consulting firm dedicated to assisting clients incorporate new technology into their business processes.  Like its corporate name - syzygy - which refers to the straight-line alignment of celestial bodies; Syzygy Consulting, Inc. is particularly sensitive to the importance of alignment as a prevailing management philosophy.  Specifically, IT solutions should be aligned with business goals.  IT solutions are not truly effective unless they address and meet a busniess-defined need and they will not achieve their full potential unless the business processes, policies and human resource tasking of the implementing organization are adjusted and fine-tuned to properly align with the technology implemented.  Thus, Syzygy's primary focus is to assist organizations, particularly those in the courts and justice community, assimilate new technology and achieve its full potential.


Our company was founded on the idea of helping clients effectively implement IT solutions.  Lack of resources, competing priorities and increasing workloads all contribute to an organization's inability to adequately manage and staff complex IT projects.  Often, the pressure of day to day operations prevents the dedication needed to implement new technology and manage the resulting change.


Syzygy can effectively supplement your staff and help you meet your organizational improvement goals.  Our relationship with ARC Group enables us to rapidly recruit and build teams composed of individuals with the exact skill sets demanded by your requirements.  Our consultants provide the oversight and project management needed to direct the team toward your final goal.  We can relate to chief judges, clerks of court, chief information officers and other executives because we've been in the C-suite.


Besides C-level advisory services and managing IT project teams Syzygy can leverage the capabilities of multiple best-in-class companies to perform or implement:

  • penetration testing
  • vulnerability assessments
  • social engineering
  • develop integrated facility security technology plans
  • install network racks and wired and wireless networks
  • stand up physical and virtual servers
  • migrate email and office applications to the cloud
  • develop requests for proposals and invitations to bid
  • credentialing and access control systems
  • case management systems
  • document redaction systems


We invite you to use our web site to access our partners' web sites to get in depth information about the many critical services that can be provided.


We want to be your trusted partner.  Call us at 786-417-2536 or email today to have a conversation about how we can help you align your business goals with IT solutions.  

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