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Consulting & Advisory Services


Our Courts and Justice consulting practice focuses on assisting the judicial branch in the implementation and support of the full range of clerk and court-related systems including case management systems, redaction systems, public access systems, e-filing systems, official record systems, etc.


Our consultants can provide strategic planning services, application development, project management, and software selection services in addition to C-level advisory services for clerks of court and chief judges.


Through many years of technical leadership experience Syzygy is uniquely qualified to help clerks, courts and legal professionals in private practice navigate the complex landscape of courts and justice IT.



In addition to our government customers Syzygy can effectively address the needs of small businesses such a law firms, retail stores and construction companies.  Any business that uses computers but doesn't have the technical staff or the time to adequately support them are target customers for Syzygy.


We can provide quotes for specific projects or for continuous support of your mission-critical computing infrastructure (personal computers, laptop or servers, email and office applications and wired and wireless networks).  If you're interested in migrating to the Cloud, Syzygy can help you choose and implement the right system for your particular needs.



Syzygy offers SQL Server installation and database migration services and many other specialized services including base lining and benchmarking, analysis of backup policy and data/log file growth, identification of missing indexes using SQL server Dynamic Management Views, service pack applications, and the identification and correction of long running queries using SQL server trace.




We have the over 20 years of experience managing IT for courts and are particularly familiar with the unique challenges facing clerks of court in Florida.  If you are struggling to make decisions regarding a technical solution, having difficulty finding the staff to properly manage and implement technical projects or just need an expert in a particular field for a specific purpose, give Syzygy a call.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs.



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