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The Guard Right team of consultants are a unique group of highly specialized hackers, developers and network engineers.  Their elite group of security experts serve customers in multiple industries including energy, financial services, government, helathcare and retail.  Guard Right consultants are a trusted partner that customers can rely on to provide solutions that help them to: 

  • meet and maintain compliance with industry regulations
  • increase IT security
  • maximize operational efficiency
  • manage security threats
  • and control risk



Guard Right provides assessment services for testing external and internal network security, web and mobility applications and wireless networks. Their penetration testers will attempt to bypass or exploit weaknesses in your infrastructure and validate the extent of compromise possible.  Guard Right will provide a detailed independent third party report to satisfy PCI compliance and other requirements.



Physical security best practices and procedures vary depending on organization type and any applicable regulatory requirements.  Guard Right engineers are real world hackers and have first-hand knowledge of what techniques a malicious person might use.



Social engineering exploits the human element of your organization and works more often that most people realize.  Over 90% of Guard Right's social engineering engagements result in gaining access to facilities, login accounts or networks.



Many major breaches and outbreaks over the past few years have been due to exploitation of known vulnerabilities for which there are fixes, whether they are patches or configuration items.  Guard Right Solutions, Inc. can work with your organization to proactively manage these vulnerabilities, so that your organization can spend less time and money addressing issues after they have occurred.



Guard Right experts have successfully forced access to multiple Fortune 500 companies, state government agencies and foreign organizations. Using techniques ranging from social engineering to chaining multiple software exploits, Guard Right hackers have been able to create user IDs, print badges, obtain branded clothing from secure offices, take photos of confidential documments and walk right into the most secure data centers. Everything they do is with the written client permission and fully legal.





Syzygy works together with Guard Right to custom tailor security solutions to your business or agency.  Syzygy brings expertise in the Florida Supreme Court's Standards for Electronic Access to the table and can assist in your implementation of public access systems that meet the requirements promulgated in AOSC 14-19 and AOSC 15-18.  


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The ARC Group is a national executive recruiting and consulting firm established in 1982 and has been consistently ranked in multiple issues of Florida Business Journals' "Top 25 Executive Search and Consulting Firms" for the last 14 years.  ARC Group offers a unique and trademarked research recruitment solutions, Recruitment Intelligence (TM), as well as retained, contingency and consulting services.  A proven 7-stage, 21 step end-to-end recruitment process gives clients unsurpassed quality that most employment and staffing agencies do not provide.


With the ARC Group as a partner Syzygy can obtain quality project managers, programmers, system administrators and network technicians to adequately staff your projects under the executive management of Syzygy.  This approach allows Syzygy to build project teams of highly qualified technology professionals that have the precise skill sets your technical projects require.



The ARC Group is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and maintains offices and recruiting professionals in Orlando, Miami, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Jacksonville, New York City, Boston, Washington DC, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis and Raleigh.



Syzygy uses ARC Group to staff its projects and can facilitate the following solutions for our clients:

  • Temp and temp to perm
  • Contract and contract to hire
  • Full time employees through direct sourcing and recruiting of passive candidates
  • Total outsourced consulting services



  • Information Technology
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Management
  • Operations & Administration
  • Engineering
  • Legal
  • Clerical


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Whether your requirements include analog or internet protocol video management systems for intrusion detection, pan/tilt/zoom cameras for tracking moving objects, the installation of phone/data drops or the installation of computer and network hardware, racks and power, APS is the Syzygy partner that can get the job done.  APS has qualified engineers who can design your system and the technicians who can install and support the finished product.  


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